RC + Gordana - 9.17.2016

Being able to witness a wedding through the lens is a very intimate experience. The couple is granting me opportunity to capture their life, their family, their emotions. I get to see it all: nerves, joy, excitement, love. When I get to capture a couple like Ryan and Gordana in a personal setting like their back yard with 20 of their closest friends, I am reminded of just how lucky I am to be a photographer and videographer. I get to hear about the carefully planned details, like the wood shavings that were spread in addition to rose petals to honor Ryan's woodworking background. I get to meet the family members, like Gordana's mother and brother, who came from across oceans to bear witness to their wedding day. The intimacy, for a photographer on a wedding day, is something so special, something that can't be rivaled. I couldn't be more humbled. 

Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte has to be one of the sweetest babies I've ever had the privilege of snapping. She's a natural model, she fell right to sleep, and only fussed a bit here and there as we were moving her around. But the cherry on top? Her snort. You see, when Charlotte does fuss, she snorts. The kind of snort that comes out when one laughs too hard. I see great things in her future if a fussy snort is reminiscent of a joyous snort. 

Mackenzie Lou

I first met Matt and Jess in college through a mutual friend. The first project we did together (kind of, it was a surprise for them) was a video of all their friends wishing them the best right before they got married. Jess then called me to capture some memories from the family as a video Christmas present for their parents (tears, abound!). So, when Jess and Matt found out they were going to have a sweet baby girl, I jumped on the chance to be a part of a life event again. This was my very first endeavor shooting newborn pictures and I was a ball of nerves. Mackenzie? She did great! She's a pro already!

Kevin + Megan - Engagement

Megan and I sit across from one another in a very small office at my regular nine-to-five so we've gotten to be pretty close over the last year and a half. When she showed me her new shiny ring (that was very thoughtfully designed by her new fiancé, Kevin) I squealed. When she asked me to shoot their engagement photos, I squealed even louder. Lucky for them, I kept it together while I was shooting... barely. 

Marja + Tona - 6.20.2015

When I first met with Marja and Tona, I would classify it as a "hot mess". In standard Katie procedure, I was too animated while talking with the barista and didn't notice the tray of goodies balancing on the edge of the counter. With an unconscious flick of the wrist, I managed to knock ALL of the baked goods off the counter creating a very loud crash and turning heads across the whole place. See, hot mess. To be honest, I was a bit nervous after that point that Marja and Tona would turn down working with me on their wedding video because I couldn't even handle myself in a coffee shop. But! instead, they laughed it off, finished ordering their coffee, and we continued on with a lovely conversation (much less animated this time on my part). We chatted about how they met, fell in love, and the exciting details of the wedding with ease as all of the awkwardness came flying out with the baked goods. It was the best klutz move I could have ever made...

Chris + Christa - Engagement

I am always honored when my friends ask me to shoot their engagements, weddings, babies and families. I've always felt it was a super special insight - beyond just friendship - into major life events that ends up bonding us in a very unique way. 

Bryan and I have been friends with Chris and Christa for a long time. We ride bikes together, we eat dinners together, I gave Christa's cat a nickname (he actually hates the name I gave him). These two are the kind of people that make you happy you have them in your life. All that being said, this particular shoot at Valmont Bike Park was super special for me. We started out with beautiful views of the Flatirons and by a stroke of summer evening post-wind-and-rainstorm luck we caught the golden light and it made the whole shoot just magical! 

Daniel + Angela - 1.18.15

Sometimes there are couples that make me stop and swoon because they care so much for each other. Daniel and Angela are one of those couples. In shooting, I've watched and documented a lot of love - and theirs is some really good stuff. It was an honor to capture it. Congratulations Daniel and Angela! 


The Sneak Peak

As I grow older, one of the most exciting things that I get to take part in is bearing witness to the success of my friends. The angst of being 20-something starts to fade and smiles abound. Love is being found and new lives are being created. Dreams are finally coming true, hard work is starting to pay off. 

Last weekend we finally got to see all of the hard work that our friend Phil Joyce had been putting in over the last year at the brewery at their sneak peak soft open, and my oh my how beautiful it is! Powder Keg Brewing is a testament to Phil's dedication and creativity and I am so honored to have been able to see the finished product. Congratulations Phil and team, here's to many nights of shared beverages and continued success!

Brick and Mortar

This series follows a dear friend, Phil Joyce, and the rest of the Powder Keg Brewing Co. team as they work to transform a former piano store into their first brewery in Niwot, Colorado.