RC + Gordana - 9.17.2016

Being able to witness a wedding through the lens is a very intimate experience. The couple is granting me opportunity to capture their life, their family, their emotions. I get to see it all: nerves, joy, excitement, love. When I get to capture a couple like Ryan and Gordana in a personal setting like their back yard with 20 of their closest friends, I am reminded of just how lucky I am to be a photographer and videographer. I get to hear about the carefully planned details, like the wood shavings that were spread in addition to rose petals to honor Ryan's woodworking background. I get to meet the family members, like Gordana's mother and brother, who came from across oceans to bear witness to their wedding day. The intimacy, for a photographer on a wedding day, is something so special, something that can't be rivaled. I couldn't be more humbled.