Renegade String in SF

I was in San Francisco this past week for work shooting a bunch of videos for TravelShark. This was the first city that I've spent as much time in and wasn't exhausted by the end of my time there. Each time I was on the brink of emotional shut down, I found something (or someone) exciting to regenerate the enthusiasm. That's what happened on the corner of Haight and Ashbury.

Becca and I were at the end of a very long day shooting the sights and sounds of SF and nearing a meltdown when we stumbled into the Haight and across the Renegade String Band (or 3 of them, at least) out of Portland. We watched for a bit and I couldn't help but pull out the camera to snap a few.  It was magical how it happened, really. The light was great, the music was fantastic, there were even a few comical bums for additional entertainment. A chance encounter with some strangers to lift the spirits.