Visindi Circus

What's the coolest part of a circus?

Other than the cotton candy and popcorn, I would say the feeling of amazement. The gravity-defying, pliable, colorful, and entertaining acts never cease to make my eyes open as wide as tortillas and my jaw drop. But, as I've learned from my brother (who just graduated and will be teaching his first high school physics class this coming semester), science is often at the root of amazement, especially in the circus. Gravity, Newton's laws of motion, centripetal force, acceleration, mass, friction, and so on. One just can't escape it - even if more inclined toward writing or videography - which is why I had to say YES to helping out this group of teachers, scientists, and circus folk.

Visindi Circus is a talented group of people who started a science-focused circus to help educate kids on the power of science. Um, AWESOME! Maybe I would have been more interested in studying science if I had been educated via circus in addition to text book... especially if popcorn was included!

Anyway, Visindi started a Kickstarter campaign to help get their project off the ground (AND! raise some funds for a local Colorado elementary school). Go check 'em out, donate some dollars! If you fall in love with their ideas and their love of kids + science + circus tricks, they will be showing off their stuff on February 1, 2013.