Tour de France 2013

Saturday was the first day of the Tour de France 2013. Saturday's prologue marks the beginning of nearly a month's worth of early mornings sipping coffee (for Bryan... coffee makes me jittery) on the couch, while watching the best of the best road racers during the hardest 3 weeks of the year. Ah, bikes.

Along with the inevitable crashes, KOM points, and the sprint finishes comes my annual participation in the tour: The Full Cycle TDF Commercial.

This year, the idea came in the waking hours of the morning - you know those moments when your bed is most comfortable and you could lie under the covers forever. I wanted the bike-building process to be magical. So that's what we did.

With the help of two super good friends - Jamie Emerson and Valerie Much - the bike parts came to life, including the last, signature touch for shop - the Full Cycle sticker. Magnifique!