Bill + Kate

There are moments in every wedding that show the personality of the bride and groom. For Bill and Kate, it was easy to pick out the highlights of the day - from cartwheels to crossed eyes - because they are two of the most fun people I've ever met. 

I met Bill a couple years back while working at Internet Startup #1 and we hit it off immediately. He is super high energy and super duper nice. When I finally met Kate (she was still living in NYC at the time I met Bill), I was floored at 1.) how stunningly beautiful she was and 2.) how the two of them went together like peas and carrots. They both seem to ooze personality and happiness and kindness. I always seem to be all smiles around them. Their wedding day was no different. Set against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of Crested Butte, Colorado (which just happened to be at peak wildflower season... yeah!), this wedding produced some huge, all teeth, wide lipped smiles.  

Cheers to Bill and Kate and the all teeth smiles!